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Luxury Apartments in Colombo

The city of Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka and referred to as its commercial capital. It is a zone of rapid development within the country and has the highest population density. Colombo as with most centres of commerce hustles and bustles with activity and has an ever growing nightlife. It has world class restaurants and hotels, high quality hospitals, fancy wedding receptions, vast and wild parties and a host of other home-grown activities and eateries.

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Tamil-Hindu weddings in Sri Lanka

It is not uncommon to mistake Indian weddings with Sri Lankan Hindu weddings owing to their similarities and the general magnitude of the event but we have our own local flavour of traditional variants infused into the ceremony.

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The Galle Face Green

The Strip of Land at Galle Face was initially used by Dutch invaders to strategically position their cannons in line to fire at oncoming enemy forces around Fort. Some of these ancient cannons can still be seen along the paved front of Galle Face.

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The Dutch Hospital Colombo

The current Dutch Hospital replaced the former Portuguese hospital which was about half a kilometre away which was closer to the Fort and was destroyed completely after the Dutch siege on the area in 1651. The Dutch hospital was at least operational by 1667 as it was mentioned by the German Christopher Schwetizer in his writings,

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AV15-Night Life-Colombo
Night Life in Colombo

Colombo is a hustling and bustling cityknown as Sri Lanka’s centre of commerce and is famous for its dining, shopping, accommodations and health services and if one thing has been consistent throughout the ups and downs of the past, it has been the partying scene.

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Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia is has a certain feeling to it that’s just hard to put your finger on… In its air, a sense of romance, and warmth tinged with the yellow hues of a setting sun and a drop of nostalgia. Why this is so is anyone’s guess but it may be intertwined with Mt. Lavinia’s history and even be responsible for the events which have taken place here.

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